Super League throw support behind World Cup organisers

Super League chairman Ken Davy says they are fully behind the World Cup organisers following the withdrawal of Australia and New Zealand.

The Kangaroos and Kiwis have withdrawn from this year’s World Cup in England, saying it is unsafe to travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The two governing bodies – the ARLC and NZRL – have called for the tournament to be postponed until 2022, with this year’s tournament now in serious doubt.

Davy said: “The organisers have done everything possible to provide both nations with strong evidence of the robust protocols and procedures to keep players safe.

“It is quite astounding that athletes from Australia and New Zealand are about to compete in the Olympics, in addition to the Australian and New Zealand rugby union teams being in the UK this Autumn, yet their rugby league counterparts have decided to withdraw.

“The UK has already shown that it can successfully deliver a major international event in EURO 2020, under far stricter conditions to those anticipated in the Autumn. 

“We are fully behind Jon Dutton and his RLWC2021 team. We continue to offer Super League’s utmost support to the tournament organisers given the significant benefits this event can deliver for the sport.”

A RLWC2021 spokesperson responded to Australia and New Zealand’s decision, saying: “RLWC2021 note the disappointing statement made by the ARLC and NZRL which may have wide ranging implications for international rugby league.

“RLWC2021 were informed at very short notice and will continue discussions with all stakeholders to agree on the best way forward. A further statement will be made in due course.”

The World Cup is scheduled to get underway at St James’ Park in Newcastle on October 23, when hosts England take on Samoa in the opening game.

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  1. A message to super. League and RFL you’ll only be happy when you managed to kill a player with Covid and then you might just grow up and take this virus seriously. You have called the Aussies and kiwis cowardly and yet constantly allow games to be called off because of the virus , so warrington leigh st Helen’s have had games cancelled lately and your using their grounds have had Covid and your using their grounds for World Cup game . No wonder this sport is in the mess it is in , it’s run by dickh3ads and idiots

      • Well mr clown can you please remind me why there was a reduced crowd at Wembley last weekend , can you remind me why the two finalists have had the games cancelled this weekend , can you remind me why London have been deducted 2 pts this week can you remind me why the London widnes games been this week can you remind me why HKR are playing Catalan this weekend , can you explain why the brave doctors and nurses are worried about the increase in Covid patients. Our are you that much clown you don’t understand what’s happening in this country .

    • Mr Clown, you do release AUS and NZ are sending athletes to play the Olympics and Rugby Union internationally? Matter of fact, Australia is sending its RU team to England to play in 2021. So please get a LIFE and stop being a hypocrite and using RL as a scapegoat.

      • Well mr anonymous, competitors and athletes are testing positive , for Covid at the Olympics right now . So you need to explain the reduce crowds at Wembley and why the two finalists have cancelled their games this weekend , it’s because both camps have tested positive for Covid this week , So you come on here calling me a clown and abuse me , Not bad for one armed chainsaw juggler how doesn’t have the back bone to put your name on here , you better watch it the RFL might just call you cowardly, I certainly am . I’d like to ask you for two things ,your address to send you a white feather and write on come on here when you understand what Covid is and what it’s doing to people

  2. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If the hypocrites from ARLC and NZRL aren’t going to make the flight to England (while AUS and NZ have no problem competing in RU and Olympics), then the IRL need to turn it around as best as possible.

    Not only are there now two less teams in the men’s RLWC, the women’s RLWC has lost half its Group B. Replace them with the next best-performing W teams from qualifications.

    In the men’s tournament, I recommend inserting USA, Serbia, Turkey and Canada. Two extra teams, but why not? AUS and NZ are no longer in, and these are the next biggest sides in the sport. Having Greece, Turkey and Serbia in the same World Cup will get TV coverage and do wonders for the game in that part of the world. Having Jamaica, USA, and two Canada teams (M/W) will get coverage in North America.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Pacific Islands are taking it seriously, this is their shot to be world champions. So the best are not yet gone. Forget AUS and NZ, and use this RLWC as a promotional vehicle for the sport.

  3. Hi David and anonymous, seeing as you brought the subject up of the Australian and New Zealand Union side touring the country . Did you both see the size of the ground for the first test between South Africa and the British lions , because of Covid . Let me help you out your pair of prized plums. Nought nought double nought fuck all blank zilch nothing nobody , which kinds of backs me up

    • Try to take it easy Alex, even during a pandemic people are allowed an opinion.

      Personally my experience of union has meant a huge improvement to my sleeping pattern.

      The Aussies have a long history of this, it isn’t their first offence.

      Their attitude to the reaction here kind of sums up what they’re all about, sadly.

      People can describe that any way they like.

  4. Dear russ they sure are , but they should be careful with their choice of words they use . But as I pointed out there was no crowd at the test match yesterday and they mentioned the rah rah game . People who make people feel stupid by picking on the grammar because. Their dyslexic or calling them a clown because of their opinion deserves all they get , I’m just pointing out it’s not just Aussies or kiwis who have a problem with Covid, As for their freedom to a opinion that’s been provided by me and many like me in the armed forces , still nobody has answered my question. If it’s safe to run the World Cup , why the reduced crowd at Wembley and why have the finalists have had the games abandoned this weekend COVID

  5. And I can describe it how I like , when you have ttwo complete idiots coming on here trying to be bullies. Yes they have a opinion but it’s people like me and others like me who have served in the armed forces who have provided their right to a opinion, so I’ve pointed out their opinion is incorrect through their lack of. Knowledge because people are testing positive for Covid in the Olympics , why was there a reduced crowd at Wembley and. Why both finalists have had their games cancelled this weekend answer Covid . So with all respect to you Russ , they brought the rah rah game into it and I’ve. Just pointed out there was no crowd at the test match in South Africa, so every argument they have put up I’ve proved them wrong . As for.the RFL their wrong time call people cowardly because they don’t want to come over , which is their opinion. may be the RFL should just remember why they play the Anzac test , it’s not for being cowardly

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