Super League reveals criteria of how 12th spot will be taken

Super League have confirmed initial criteria of how the competition’s vacant 12th spot will be filled in 2021.

Canadian club Toronto Wolfpack failed in their bid to be re-admitted into Super League next season, so the 12th spot is currently vacant.

Clubs who want to apply to take Toronto’s place must have finished in the top six of the Championship within the previous two seasons to be eligible for entry.

Leigh, London Broncos, Bradford, Featherstone, York, Toulouse, Widnes and Halifax are the eight clubs who are eligible to enter proceedings about taking the 12th spot.

Lord Jonathan Caine, the vice chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group, will chair a seven-strong panel consisting of three members from each of the Rugby Football League and Super League Europe.

The full application process and criteria will be distributed to clubs and published on Thursday, November 12. The deadline for applications is the morning of Monday, November 30.

A decision is scheduled to be made by Wednesday, December 16 – but that deadline could be extended in specific circumstances.

The RFL say they will communicate shortly with League 1 clubs about the implications of the vacancy created in the Championship, which will mean the 2021 season begins with two fewer clubs than previously expected.

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    • Have you seen the squad Leigh are building. Plus Leigh always travel well, far better than London. Better stadium with a long history.

    • Agreed! There is no doubting the total commitment, both financially from the Chairman and funder, and from the team and their coach & other staff at London Broncos. They also have an excellent academy, and have had for years, with many players now established throughout the game.

      Also, who else is going to be able to expand the game further in the UK, especially the south, as has always been of significant importance?

      It’s an obvious choice, and let’s hope that it becomes a reality!

  1. Something is going behind closed doors I believe the team is all ready picked ,have sky had a say ,rumour is the league wanted to keep to eleven teams but sky said no ,they wants to see crowds and big games with big teams ,can you imagine viewing figures for a Leeds v Bradford match sky need a big club and there is only one Bradford Bulls and there fan base ,they must have money behind them this time or they would not be in the running.

  2. Toulouse, Bradford Bulls, London, York are all good strategic options to grow the game. Thus the solution is for the 3 clubs that voted to keep Toronto (Leeds Rhinos, St Helens, Catalan Dragons) should leave Super League and join the RFL Championship. The RFL can then bring in Newcastle and Ottawa and go out and find a TV deal (and save the game in the northern hemisphere).

    • What a load of bolxxxxx some talk on here. No mention of integrity…. History… Fev have finished in top 6, ame runners up, have a great stadium, loyal fans wth potential to double the ubers at th very least, won numerous cup new an old, have a majority full-time squad, and a business plan that out strips many SL clubs!! If that isn’t enough. Then it a Stitch up from day one sadly!

  3. Bulls easily have the strongest fanbase in the Championship, massive potential for some financial gain however the deciding factor will be if the RFL could get them back to Odsal. As a Bulls Supporter I think it’d be a Great decision, but that’s my obvious bias. The rest of the Rugby Community would be in uproar. Interesting to see how it plays out.. whatever the decision I hope it’s a fair one.

  4. It doesn’t matter who they choose it’s a dying sport run by idiots .. the Wolfpack experiment failed … London have had 30 years to try to develop the game down south and if we’re honest to no avail …. Crowds are poor … no stadium of their own etc . SKY will have chosen who they want and if Super league want a deal next year their hand will be forced . My guess is Toulouse or York ( no club within 20 miles ). It’s an M62 corridor sport keep it that way this worldwide expansion is an expensive pipe dream..

  5. There’s only two ways of doing it
    Let Featherstone go up as runners up in grand final or have a play off
    My would be let Featherstone go up its only far give them a chance

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