Super League preparing to scrap Magic Weekend

The Magic Weekend is looking increasingly likely to be scrapped as Super League chiefs try to plan how the resumed season might pan out.

Rugby league is currently suspended indefinitely, with the season likely to go beyond the current scheduled Grand Final date of October 10.

Super League executive chairman, Robert Elstone, said: “There’s lots of work going on in terms of fixture planning and that involves pushing the season back, that’s one of the options we’re looking at.

“Obviously we need support from Manchester United and other partners.

“Right now it’s impossible to know how long this suspension period will last but we’re looking at a variety of scenarios that means, when it does it get lifted, we’re in a good place to start quickly and fulfil as many of our seasonal obligations as we can.

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“We have a Super League fixture list that involves Magic Weekend, loop fixtures and play-offs and all of these generate revenue for the clubs, the centre or both.

“You’ve got Challenge Cup and Test football to consider too and the good news is everyone is working together to find a solution that works for everyone but the longer it goes on the harder it will be to fulfil everything.

“Magic hasn’t been totally ruled out to date. We have a daily conference call among Super League executives and we spoke about it this morning.

“We’re preparing for the fact that Magic may well be a casualty of this. The big quandary is how long is this going to last and it would be unwise not to think about Magic at a later date in Newcastle or in a different format.

“Right now we haven’t ruled it out. You might look at the probability of it happening as diminishing all the time.”

Elstone added that clubs are reluctant to ditch loop fixtures due to the lost revenue of three home games, and that midweek games could become inevitable.

He also said that Super League and clubs are seeking financial support from the government, with some clubs on the brink of collapse if aid doesn’t come soon.

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  1. Please keep us RL fans posted regarding the Magic weekend.I and probably many other fans will have tickets purchased and accommodation booked for this weekend and will need to have some form of notice to cancel this if it doesn’t go ahead.

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