Super League players posting blue pictures in a stance against reduced salary cap proposals

Super League players are posting a picture of a blue square on social media in a stance against proposals to reduce the salary cap.

Players from across all Super League clubs have made a stand as part of a GMB Union movement to give players a greater say in the future of the sport – and in the upcoming review of the salary cap.

GMB held a consultation meeting with player representatives from all super league clubs this week. The meeting unanimously called for players to get a greater say in the way the sport is revived and called the RFL and the clubs not cut the current salary cap.

GMB RLPA representative Garreth Carvell said: “We all want a return to rugby league ASAP, and whilst we know there are huge obstacles to overcome, it’s vital that players can have their say on how we get there.

“We also know that fans and our communities support our call to the RFL and the clubs to give us our voice and say in how the rugby revival takes shape.

“With the imminent review of the salary cap, it’s the player’s wages that will be cut, and yet they don’t get say.

“Players believe now, more than any time before, our input is vital. It can’t be right that the people playing the game are the only ones that don’t get a say.”

GMB senior organiser Peter Davies commented: “No one denies that clubs are going to have to cut their cloth, especially if we have to play the season out in closed stadiums.

“We’ve made it clear that GMB and our RLPA members will work with them to safe guard the game but players have been clear, they oppose any cut to the salary cap and see that as a restriction in itself to the development and revival of the sport.”

A senior Super League player, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We’ve asked for a vote on this and didn’t get one, that won’t stop us from expressing our opinion on this matter though.

“We must be listened to. If we are going to return this sport to where it needs to be, the best and highest standard of rugby league possible, we think cutting the salary cap is a massive step in the wrong direction.”

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  1. This is old style trade union stuff. We demand more money now. We refuse to look at the possibility that because of this there may be no money at all next year or the year after because the clubs have gone into administration or folded.
    You can’t ALL play for Wigan, Saints and Warrington – and they will need someone to play against.

  2. Well this is a bed of their own making and by accepting crocked, never were, never will be, past it NRL players on long marquee contracts.
    I empathise with the points they are making but look at their employers and their attitudes to the game overall.
    This is not a one sided argument and is only one aspect of the current parlous state of the game everywhere.
    FWIW other sports are going to face this issue as well, RL is in no way unique.

  3. A blue square for a stance against lower wages because thats what it means what a load of tripe they want to try living on 80 percent of 320 quid a week and grafting 40hrs a week it makes my blood boil get a grip i wish i was on half that

  4. I’m all for players to have a say on the subject , but I find it a bit of the stab in the back for key workers on less money than the player . Wake up for gods sack . Our just pack the game and get a normal job see how you like that . The blue square is a nice idea but I’d us it for everybody working for the NHS . From the top surgeons to the top cleaners . Better still join the armed forces and go to war , for the same peanuts you get back at home .

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