Super League now looks more appealing to Inglis, claims manager

Greg Inglis’s manager Allan Gainey has acknowledged that Super League looks more appealing to his client, now that the ‘marquee player’ rule will be operating in 2016.

The new rule allows Super League clubs to sign one player who has a nominal value on the salary cap of £175,000, whatever his salary actually is.

When asked if the rule would make Super League a more attractive option for ‘GI’, Gainey responded: “Yes, for sure.”

Gainey thinks that Inglis will now be on the radar of more Super League clubs as a result, though he is already believed to be a target for both rugby league and rugby union clubs in Europe.

Championship outfit Sheffield Eagles have also publicy assserted that they are interested in signing Inglis, in the recent past.

“This would make it favourable for him and others like him to go over there,” Gainey told The Courier-Mail, in reference to the ‘marquee player’ rule.

“Now it means UK clubs can buy a top class player when they are at their best rather than a guy who is 30 or 31 years old.

“This will put pressure on the NRL. They can’t ignore it.

“The issue here would be the rich clubs would want it in the NRL and the poorer clubs would probably rally against it.”

Inglis, meanwhile, confirmed that he would not be joining an Aussie Rules outfit anyway, after training at the MCG this week with Queensland.

“I wouldn’t be looking at switching codes — well, to the AFL anyway,” he quipped to reporters.

“I love AFL. I love watching how good their athletes are. It was something I really wanted to pursue.

“My decision was the right one. I was so in love with rugby league I didn’t want to walk away from it.”

“I think you will see the NRL really think about bringing something like this in for the next broadcast deal.”

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