Super League name could be scrapped

Scrapping Super League and re-branding the leagues is being considered as part of the RFL’s review of the game.

The finer points continue to be thrashed out by the governing body and clubs as to the format of the game for the 2015 and beyond.

It looks likely that the split option – which sees two leagues of 12 split in to three leagues of eight after 23 games – will get the go ahead, which would see an increase in the number of games, to a minimum of 30 per club.

The issue of re-branding centres on whether the new name should include rugby league in its title, and there is also debate on whether the second tier should be branded as Super League 2, if the Super League name is retained.

Despite previously being rejected, it is believed that the introduction of marquee players to the salary cap is still on the agenda.

The RFL has spent the past month consulting with clubs in Super League, the Championships and the community game.

An Extraordinary General Meeting will be called by the governing body’s independent Board of Directors to put forward the definitive proposals for the league re-structuring, but there remains no timescale on the decision.

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