Super League issue statement on Israel Folau

The Super League board has voted to put measures in place to ensure they stop controversial signings after Israel Folau’s signing at Catalans.

Representatives from Super League clubs met at Salford’s AJ Bell Stadium earlier today to discuss Catalans’ controversial signing of Folau.

Catalans chairman Bernard Guasch was absent from the meeting, despite other clubs specifically requesting the presence of him.



After a four-hour meeting, Super League chief executive Robert Elstone issued the following statement: “Super League has clearly and consistently outlined its position on Israel Folau.

“With the season underway, we now feel it is important for Super League to separate what is an off-field matter from what is happening on the field.

“The Super League board accepts the legalities around the RFL’s decision to register Israel Folau, and the board has voted unanimously to put in place measures that ensure the Super League has greater authority to stop controversial signings such as this in the future. 

“As a sport we have an impressive and enviable track record when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion and we will continue our great work in those areas.”

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  1. “As a sport we have an impressive and enviable track record when it comes to equality, DIVERSITY and INCLUSION and we will continue our great work in those areas.”

    Where does that fit in SL clubs with their attitude towards this player and his club?
    IT IS WHAT HAPPENS ON THE RUGBY LEAGUE FIELD THAT MATTERS and they can control that. This is a free open democratic society and the freedom of speech is sacrosanct to that.
    Mr Folau is entitled to his views, abhorrent though they may be to so many but in a free society he must have the right to say them, just as people have the right to ignore them or argue against them.
    The thing is , his views are irrelevant to what happens on the field of play.

    • So sponsors should pull out because a Christian man is playing in Super League? If they do then those sponsors are not what we should be relying on. There are many Christian players in the super League are they to be silenced too? I have followed RL and Wigan in particular for 30 years with a 200 mile round trip to see then. If they were playing in my back garden I would close the curtains

    • No that’s incorrect. He’s of course entitled to think & hold whatever views he wishes, no problem. He, is no or allowed to say things that encore hatred or are against the law in terms of racial, homophobic remarks etc. Not all Christians are bigoted in this way. He’s at best, a pick & mix Christian to provide cover for his bigotry. His signing Sends bad message out.

  2. The RL has let itself down yet again hoping this will simply be swept under the carpet. In the case of Ben Barber who had always conducted himself admirably while playing in SL for St Helens, showing more concern for injured players of any side than normal, the Rugby League rushed into confirming a life ban by the NRL due to domestic conduct not on a rugby field. They are simply not fit for purpose. I stress that neither of these players has ever played for the team I support.

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