Super League Decision – A Fan’s View

I’ve spent the last week talking to supporters from many clubs after my article last week. On Monday, here on, we will be starting a new feature focussing on the fan’s views from some of the contenders in the race for a licence contest. Each day will feature the opinions of a different club. Monday is the turn of the Leigh Centurions supporters. Make sure you log on each day to get the views of the most important part of Rugby League: The fans.nnnMy article last week seemed to cause a little bit of controversy with followers of some of the clubs getting in touch (thanks for the emails by the way). I seem to have touched a nerve, and for that I’m sorry, but I still stand by my opinions. I do, however, realise that the system I used – based on the Sky Sports way – will not be the same as the RFL. I felt it did give us a good guide. And I’m also very aware that I could be eating my words in a few weeks time.nnEveryday my feelings on the matter change on who will get into Super League. In my opinion there are probably fifteen good bids vying for the fourteen places. Three points spring to mind that have helped me make my decision on the make up of the extended divisionnn1) I cannot see, wrongly I know, the RFL removing an existing team. Maybe in three years, if clubs have not got their act together regarding stadia. But I believe the existing twelve to be safe.nn2) With regards my inclusion of Widnes Vikings, I cannot see fourteen teams having a better bid than the Cheshire outfit. I can see Hull KR, Castleford, Wakefield, Salford, Celtic and Leigh all with a chance of missing out because all the of them cannot have a stronger bid than the Vikings.nn3) The RFL seem set on expansion. If Celtic tick enough boxes to be included above another side then they will be in.nn On a personal level, I would like to see Widnes and Salford added into the Super League. In three years time, if the system is successful, we will have Celtic and Leigh knocking on the door. We could then make a sixteen team division, or even fifteen. Or replace a team that has failed to deliver.nnOver the next few weeks you will read many conflicting views on who should make the final cut. Every supporter from each club I spoke to argues an extremely good case for their club’s conclusion. Sadly some will miss out. I just hope that these clubs manage to survive and have the opportunity to one day return to the top

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