Super League arrives in Norway

Norwegian broadcaster TV2 Sport have signed a deal which will see the broadcaster screen one game a week for the entire 2011 engage Super League season.

RL Norge founder and Scandinavian Development Manager Warren Heilig said of the historic arrangement, “We have been working very hard for the last few months to get this deal finalised. It will be a great opportunity for the wider Norwegian public to witness at first hand what a great sport Rugby League really is.”

“Transmission will begin immediately and the first ever match broadcast into Norway will be the meeting at Millennium Magic in Cardiff of heavyweights St. Helens against local rivals and 2010 premiers Wigan Warriors, which is sure to be a great way to introduce the Scandinavians to Rugby League.”

As well as having the competition beamed throughout the country, the domestic league will also be given a massive boost by being allowed three one-minute slots throughout the coverage to talk about the rules and the sport locally.

Heilig added: “The chance to be able to promote local rugby league as well as the best athletes in our game all at once is a wonderful opportunity. Having three minutes airtime every week on the country’s biggest sports channel is a massive gift to our game locally and we will be working hard all year to turn it into meaningful growth.”

The first match screened this weekend will be on TV2 Sport at 20.00hrs Norwegian time.

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