Super League announce partnership with Papa John’s

Regan Grace (5) of St Helens warming up

Betfred Super League have announced a partnership with pizza giants Papa John’s, which will include providing players with post-match food at games played behind closed doors.

Papa John’s is an American pizza restaurant franchise, founded by John Schnatter in 1984.

Chief Commercial Officer Rhodri Jones said: “It’s great to be partnering with Papa John’s during the behind closed doors period, and it’s important to be able to provide our players with the chance to refuel after a tough game.

“As we have seen since the restart, Betfred Super League games are getting faster and harder and I know the players are grateful when they see so many pizzas to choose from after a tough 80 minutes.”

Papa John’s Marketing Director Giles Codd added: “We are delighted to be partnering with the Betfred Super League this season.

“Ensuring the players and officials are fed safely post-match is paramount and our teams are well-drilled in safely delivering fresh, hot and tasty pizza after successfully adapting to the situation we find ourselves in during this global pandemic.

“We wish all the players and everyone at the Super League the best for the season and we can’t wait until venues can be reopened to let the fans back in to watch top-flight rugby league.”

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  1. Papa John’s, the former CEO John Schnatter who stepped down after making disgusting racist comments. An organisation that donates heavily to the Trump campaign, you know the people, concentration camps for children, racist President, over 40 allegations of sexual assault, rape, strong links to pedophiles, tax fraud, charity fraud, etc. If these are the values to which the Super League is aligning itself it will be doing it without me. Does anyone involved ever do any due diligence, just put “papa johns controversy” into Google, it’s not complicated.

    I don’t care if the door does hit me on the way out, it will get me out all the quicker.

    • Additionally, as a direct result of his racism the NFL terminated their association with the Papa John’s organisation, effectively losing the NFL pizza wars to Pizza Hut.

      I’m aghast at this decision.

    • This is Papa John’s UK, not Papa John’s US, and as you noted, Papa John’s got rid of their founder. This is a corporation not a private sole proprietorship. There are many owners and from what I see on Google, John Schnatter currently owns less than 10% of it.

      If Schnatter had a bigger hand in this business it would all be valid arguments to boycott them, but you’re argument is being delusional. Can you imagine boycotting German and Italian brands because they were at one point owned or operated by fascists? Few have called for that.

      Schnatter could buy shares in your favourite corporation and you wouldn’t even know it because you’re hung up on the brand name here. And for your information, the concentration camps on the border were built by Obama first and Biden is keeping them in place so far. The deportation rate under Trump’s first term is almost half of that of Obama’s first term. They’re all big one club, Trump included. The UK is selling weapons to war criminals too. It’s all selective bias, no consistency.

    • So you’re mad they took a knee — which is opposed by Trump and his supporters. But you’re also made that Papa John’s founder is a Trump supporter himself?
      You’re all over the map.
      You can’t even argue you want sports separate from politics, because you’re the one calling for a Papa John’s boycott even though they got rid of the guy.

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