Super League angered by Catalans signing Israel Folau

Super League chief executive Robert Elstone is frustrated with Catalans signing controversial character Israel Folau.

Folau has signed a one-year deal with the Dragons after being sacked by Australia Rugby in December for writing homophobic posts on social media in April.

Elstone said: “Super League deplores the homophobic comments Israel Folau has made in the past, which squarely contradict our sport’s core values.

“I have sought the opinion of informed voices connected to our game, and the majority share my disappointment that one of our clubs has chosen to sign him.

“There is a strong feeling that the decision to sign him lets down many people connected to our sport. I made Catalans Dragons aware of those views.

“However, Super League does not have the authority to veto the registration of players and is satisfied by the due diligence carried out by The Rugby Football League.”

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    • Typical head in the ground comment. Superleague has to expand into international territories or the game will die. I don’t agree with the signing, but I am all for expansion and clubs such as Catalans and Toronto should be supported. And by the way, the crowd figures of said clubs more than match a good section of clubs from the M62 corridor.

    • Great stuff, the future of the game and being totally ignored by the world media is Huddersfield v Salford on a cold wet Thursday night.
      By the way what special treatment do Catalans and Toronto, in particular get? Toronto get nothing from SL or the RFL so what is their “special treatment”?

      • ……nit-picking really, but arrangement of home/away fixtures may be considered (by some)to be preferential treatment ?Just saying..!

    • I’m an atheist so I’m one of them slandered by Israel but he has done nothing but quote the Bible – he also says nothing about harm when you are alive but rather you go to hell when you are dead. Considering what people do to people when they are alive and nobody comments then why is what he has said a greater sin

    • This is a very poor decision. His views have no place anywhere.

      He has form too, he made appalling comments once before, was warned as to his conduct, then did it again! That’s why even the Union banned him, even with their disgusting history, they felt the need to ban him.

      I applaud the Wigan idea to hold LGBTQII+ events when they host Catalans. Maybe some charity shirts to drive the point home!

      Also, it’s ten years since he played League, he’s going to need half a season to get fit.

  1. The Folau signing is WRONG !! Where have the moral values and fibre of RL gone ? Hope this does not finish here. All Superleague Clubs should boycott Catalans fixtures, sure Cats get the points and…. They are undefeated, win League Leaders Shield, then what happens, no one to play in the Play= Off, no one to play in Challenge Cup. Bye- bye Cats !!The eyes of the sporting world are on RL for the wrong reason,”Black-ball Cats before public opinion does that to us.

  2. I applaud the Catalans Club for signing IF the NRL and RFL hippacritcs
    Talk of inclusion but want to exclude him
    I hope he scores a heap if tries against Wigan Wankers

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