Stone savours defensive response

Huddersfield coach Rick Stone has hailed his team’s second half turnaround to beat Wakefield on Friday night.

The Giants were behind 16-8 at half-time but rallied in the second half, and stopped Trinity scoring another point, to win 24-16.

“The game was heavily to Wakefield,” Stone said.

“Most games, it looked like in the first half, it would probably end 40-16. That’s what it looked like at half-time, that’s what the score was going to finish.

“We had a bit of a chat at half-time about it, a few senior players spoke up.

Obviously we were a few senior players down today as well which didn’t help but it was good to see some of our younger players grow as the second half unfolded.”

Stone was pleased with his side’s defensive grit to keep Wakefield out for 40 minutes.

“I think that was the most impressive part of the win to be honest,” he said.

“It was chalk and cheese compared to the first half. We were getting rolled over pretty easy in the first half.

“We showed some resolve, showed some desire, and our willingness to work together was the main thing.”





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