Stone: Salford showed more desire

Huddersfield coach Rick Stone questioned the desire of his players after losing their first home match of the season.

The Giants have not beaten Salford at home for over three years and went down 30-20 tonight.

“I thought we got beat by a hungrier footy side today,” Stone told Sky Sports.

“We were probably chasing the game for most of the first half and they played some good footy.”

Stone also criticized his team for not making the most of opportunities when they arose.

“I thought we made a couple of errors and tried to play a bit sideways when we got the chances,” he said.

“We had a bit of field position but didn’t really do a lot with it.

“Our last player options were poor.”

Salford’s Gareth O’Brien was instrumental to helping his side earn a 30-20 victory against Huddersfield and subsequently received the award for man of the match.

But his coach Ian Watson refused to single out the fullback.

O’Brien maintained a 100% kicking record and crossed over twice on the way to securing all two points for the Red Devils.

“I thought there were some bigger performances from the rest of the team,” Watson said.

“All of us here focus about the team mentality and performance rather than the individuals but there were some big performances out there not only just Gaz’s.”






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