State of Mind: Scott Moore

Having a short fuse isn’t the most useful attribute as a professional sportsperson.

State of Mind has helped Wakefield hooker Scott Moore to change his approach and think before he acts.

Moore joined the Wildcats permanently this season and admits he is calmer during games compared with his younger days.

“I try to stay relaxed and try to remember it’s just a game. It is important not to get too wrapped up,” he told Love Rugby League.

“In the past I would beat myself up when I received a suspension.

“Now I have realized it’s not worth getting worked up about. During the early part of my career I was a bit hot headed which didn’t help my disciplinary record.”

The 28-year old admits it can be tough mentally when you are suspended and you know you can’t affect your team’s performances for the matches you have been banned.

“It is really frustrating more than anything. You feel like you have let the boys down as well as the fans.

“The only thing you can do is to prepare for the next game and hope you are selected to try and put right what has happened before.

“You can’t sit and sulk. You need to try and flip all the negative thoughts and do your best in training.”

Another big change in Moore’s career came when he made the move to the NRL in Australia, signing for the North Queensland Cowboys. It was a move which he embraced initially but several months in felt isolated and so decided to return to England.

“The first six or seven months were great over there but I soon found out that it was a bit remote,” Moore reflected.

“At that time it was a massive change and I am glad that I went out there but I probably should have done some more research before committing to the move.”

The former St Helens, Widnes Vikings and Huddersfield Giants player made history when he became the youngest ever Super League player at 16 back in 2004. He then went on to make his England debut at the age of 21.

Both of these moments were special moments for Moore who admits the step up took him by surprise.

“It was more of a shock when they called my name. It was like a video game. That moment is one of the highlights of my career.

“The England appearance was also really shocking. It was a great experience to be playing alongside some of the most talented Rugby League players.”

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