State of Mind release song ‘Whatever is Today, There is Tomorrow’ in Mental Health Awareness Week

State of Mind have launched a new song ‘Whatever is Today, There is Tomorrow’ to highlight the organisation’s message to ‘Let it Out’ and also the challenges of lockdown to people’s mental health.

The concept of Whatever is Today, There is Tomorrow is that whatever anyone of us have to go through or feel like today, tomorrow will arrive, there will always be a new day and there is hope, an important message during the challenges of lockdown. 

State of Mind have produced a video using photographs of empty streets, towns and rugby league grounds to represent lockdown, but then as the song moves from despair to hope, there are photographs of the work of State of Mind volunteers and the rugby league community and society back together again enjoying sport and supporting each other.

Whatever is Today, There is Tomorrow is inspired by the powerful testimonies given at State of Mind presentations and follows the journey from despair through hope, then opening up and talking, to sharing with team-mates, family and friends and overcoming the challenges together. The song starts with that moment of lonely darkness many of us sometimes feel, but then the light in the tunnel, the candle turns out to be the core State of Mind message: that whatever the challenges, there is hope. 

There is a strong sporting and rugby league analogy in the lyrics, “together we will tackle it”, “we will all help each other cross the line” but they also work for anyone in any walk of life – mental health and suicide prevention are things we that society must tackle.

The song focuses on the fact that many people, especially men, find it hard to or are reluctant to talk about mental health issues, depression, loss, grief – but that opening up and talking to someone is key, “just open up your heart and talking is a start” and “remember you just need to let it out!”. The uplifting positive feel of the chorus represents those who we can turn to – including State of Mind – and our team-mates (whether literal or metaphorical) who want to help us and will if we share our problems, feelings and challenges. “Oh, whatever is today, there is tomorrow, you know we’re here today and here tomorrow”. The “we” refers to friends and family but also to State of Mind, who are indeed there to help people through. 

Whatever is Today, There is Tomorrow strongly focuses on how we as friends and as communities can get through challenges “as team-mates and as friends”, which also works well with the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, which is kindness. 

The song was written by singer-songwriter Greg Mulholland, a rugby league fan and masters player, who was formerly the chairman of the Parliamentary Rugby League Group for seven years. Greg wrote the song following a challenge to write a song for State of Mind by co-founder of State of Mind, Malcolm Rae OBE.

Mulholland was inspired by the moving of powerful testimonies of Brian Carney, Danny Sculthorpe and Jimmy Gittins to the Rugby League Group. The song has been performed by Greg and fellow musician and songwriter Dave McKendrick, who also recorded and produced the track. The video was produced by State of Mind’s Owen Cotterell.

Mulholland said: “State of Mind do amazing work highlighting the challenges of mental health that we all can face and using the power to sport to highlight this and bring communities together.

“I’m honoured to have been asked to write a song for State of Mind and hope that Whatever is Today, There is Tomorrow helps get their vitally important message across. 

“I want to thank State of Mind Co-Founder Malcolm Rae for asking me to write a song for State of Mind and Jimmy Gittins, Danny Sculthorpe and Brian Carney for their extraordinarily powerful and courageous testimonies, that inspired me to do so.

“The State of Mind message is so important and it’s one that everyone needs to hear, understand and support.”

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