State of Mind: Micka Simon

Moving to a different country can be a daunting prospect for professional sportspeople but Wakefield forward Micka Simon has told of how with the help of State of Mind, he has learned ways of coping with the transition.

Simon moved from French side Catalans Dragons to Wakefield Trinity Wildcats last season and says that embracing his surroundings has helped with the move.

“When I first moved over to England I felt a bit anxious because there were a lot of things that changed,” he told Love Rugby League.

“One of the main ways in which I have gone about handling the situation is to try and spend as much time with my teammates after training.

“Going for coffee with them is one of the things I enjoy doing the most.”

The 29-year-old says he found the task of having to learn a new language a bit easier because of the English-speaking coaches at his former club.

“When I played for Catalans all the coaches spoke English which definitely helped prepare me ahead of my move to Wakefield,” Simon admitted.

“I still find it difficult from day to day but it is a good challenge and one which I am relishing.”

The climate back home is just one of a number of things the Frenchman has missed since moving to Yorkshire.

“The weather over here doesn’t allow you to do a lot of things after training.

“I miss a lot of things really, especially my family and all my friends.”

Simon might have experienced a big change in his career but he has learned to focus on the positives.

“A lot of players might be overwhelmed by the task of playing with a new set of team mates and working for a different coach but I was excited to start.

“Whenever you come across a new coach it is always a pleasure to see how they work.”

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