State of Mind: Matt Gee

Constantly changing clubs can have an adverse effect on a player’s development but Salford second-rower Matt Gee has spoken of how with the help of State of Mind, it’s necessary in order to gain valuable first-team experience.

Gee is currently on loan to Workington Town until the end of the season and it’s a move which hasn’t fazed him one bit.

“I don’t mind playing for them because at the end of the day it’s just a game of rugby,” he said.

“The way I think about is that I imagine I am playing for Salford.

Gee has also spent time on loan previously at Hunslet and with North Wales.

Whilst the 21-year old has adapted well moving between clubs, he admits knowing of players who have found it challenging when joining a new team.

“I think it affects how you mentally prepare for a game. You are not there all year so I guess the loyalty is not the same for some players.

“There are some who find it hard to put maximum effort into matches. The thing is they might not be there next week so they are not that bothered.”

Gee says some players are affected mentally by the new teammates and coach that you are faced with when joining another club.

“It can be daunting for some players when you first start. A few players might be nervous and that could stop them from being able to play to the best of their ability.”

He also revealed how an injury or a poor run of form can create a sense of anxiety in a player’s head.

“If you pick up an injury it is always on your mind. You are constantly thinking of the effects of not playing regularly and how long it will take to recover.

“For some players they might play differently to how they would normally to try and protect an old injury for example.”

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