State of Mind: Jake Bibby

Earning promotion from an academy to playing regularly in a first-team can be a lot to take in but with the help of State of Mind, Salford centre Jake Bibby has learned to take a positive outlook on the step up.

Bibby made his Super League debut last year and says he was shocked when he was made a key part of the side.

“After playing in the magic weekend they pulled me to one side and said how impressed they were,” he told Love Rugby League.

“When they told me they wanted me to play regularly it was more of a surprise.

“Moving from under-19s is a big change. You are taking a step into the real world.

“You go from having a job straight into a rugby league career.

“The physicality is one of the big differences. It has been a challenge but I have enjoyed every minute.

“The speed is also something which stands out about Super League matches. You have to be switched on all the time.

“One mistake and you can be punished in an instant at this level.”

The 20 year-old admits the pressure of being put into the starting 13 affects his nerves.

“I always get bad nerves before games and it is something I have regularly battled throughout my career so far.

“There is a lot of pressure because you are trying to put your name out there and you just want to impress.

“Taking it as a training session is a method which has really helped control those nerves.

“A lot of fellow players have all said that if you try to compare the two situations as much as possible then it will pay off.

“I also really enjoy pulling the Salford shirt on and going out onto that pitch which also helps a lot.”

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