State of Mind: George King

Warrington Wolves forward George King has been talking about the importance of seeking help, no matter what the issue is.

King, 21, was speaking to promote this year’s State of Mind campaign, which is about change and how to cope with it.

When asked about the best way to get out of a bad run of form, he said: “I just keep working and just really knuckle down and try to work hard.

“Just take a back seat, assess, and look where you need to improve and it just boils down to really hard work.

“If it’s out of your hands, so family issues, money issues’ gambling issues or addiction then it’s just about seeking help.

“Make sure you are in a good environment where you can always seek help if you’re going through a bad patch whether it is performances, then just seek help from your coaches, don’t just look for a quick fix, and find your solution through hard work.”

Injuries are something that happens in sport and King said you need to have a good mind-set to get over it.

“I think you can have all the physical essentials like medical staff but what also helps is having family support and the support from friends, having a positive mind-set that always helps as well.

“If you don’t have at least one of them, it breaks a cycle. You have to have a good mind-set to achieve the physical things and get back to full fitness.”

The Huddersfield-born second-rower was scouted playing for the Giants by Warrington scout Tommy Gleeson along with his brother Toby and he praised the club for a smooth transition.

“It was a good move, other than the fact we were a fair bit away especially on the motorway and it can be a nightmare in the morning but no Warrington took care of us really well.

“They are really good club with a really good set-up, really good coaches, can’t fault the place its really place its really good, its lovely and a lovely town. The fans are amazing, just a really good set-up.”





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