Stat Attack: Your visual guide to Super League stats is back

Salford and Warrington kick off the super league by starting at the top of the league. Wigan start at the bottom after a loss against St.Helens and getting deducted two points.


Player Analysis

If we take a look at the Top players for the positives and negatives of the game.


  • Bureta Faraimo (Hull FC) ran over 200 metres
  • Sam Powell (Wigan), Danny Houghton (Hull FC) and James Roby (St. Helens) all made over 50 tackles each
  • Mitchell Garbutt (Hull KR) made 27 carries
  • Liam Marshall (Wigan) had an average gain of 19.33


  • Jimmu Keinhorst (Hull KR) missed 9 tackles
  • Warrington’s new marquee player made the most number of errors, Blake Austin made four errors
  • Eddie Battye (London) and Sam Powell (Wigan) had three penalties each against them


Castleford gave away the most amount of penalties, with 11. Whereas Wakefield only gave away six.


This year, there is the option to take a look at two different metrics and compare them against each other. This current view shows Metres made by number of carries. Use the team filter to show your own team.


And finally we take a look at attendance. St. Helens v Wigan had the highest amount of attendance.

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