Stat Attack: Warrington do the hard yards in comeback win

Lorna Eden

Weekly League Table

No changes with the top 7.

Huddersfield move to 8th, Salford drop to 9th, Catalan remain in 10th, Hull KR move up to 11th and Widnes drop to the bottom of the table.

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Player Analysis

  • Tom Davies (Wigan), Stefan Ratchford (Warrington) and Josh Charnley (Warrington) all ran over 180 metres each.
  • Danny Houghton (Hull FC) made a total of 61 Tackles.
  • Tom Davies (Wigan) ran 20 carries.
  • Ben Barba (St. Helens) had an average gain of 20.00, which was 8 above Daryl Clark (Warrington) with 12.30

As a Team, Warrington ran over 500 more metres, with a total of 1723 metres.
Hull FC made a total of 383 tackles.
Hull KR and Warrington had nearly 200 carries each. And again Warrington top the chart for highest average gain (8.73)


  • Sam Powell (Wigan) missed a total of 7 tackles.
  • Stevie Ward (Leeds) made a total of 4 errors.
  • Ben Flower (Wigan) and Hep Cahill (Widnes) gave away the most penalties, 3 each.

Leeds top all 3 negatives, 47 missed Tackles, 17 errors, and 11 penalties.

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Penalty Analysis

  • As mentioned Leeds, gave away the most penalties.
  • Hull FC gave away the least amount of penalties (3).
  • James Child gave a total of 19 penalties away, whereas Chris Kendall and Gareth Hewer only gave away 9 penalties.
  • Home and Away have the same amount of penalties.

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