Stat Attack: Player and penalty analysis plus the weekly league table

In a new column, data expert Lorna Eden sifts through the rugby league stats of the weekend.

Weekly League Table

Just four teams in action in Super League over the weekend means no massive changes in the Weekly League Table – Warrington and Hull KR moving up the ladder at the expense of Huddersfield, Castleford and Salford.

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Player Analysis

For player stats, we look at number of metres made, number of tackles, number of carries, average gain, number of missed tackles, number of errors and number of penalties.

Let’s have a look at the top five players in each of those categories over the weekend.

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  • Matty Russell for Warrington made the most meters with 180. Followed by Hep Cahill, Stefan Ratchford, Chris Dean and David Mead.
  • Warrington again topped the leader for number of tackles, with Daryl Clark making an outstanding 60 tackles! This again was followed by Hep Cahill, Alrix Da Costa, Jason Baitieri and Matt Whitley.
  • Hep Cahill, Matty Russell and Chris Dean in the top 5 with the number of carries along with Lewis Tierney and Justin Carney.
  • For Avg Gain, Catalan had 4 out of 5 players. Paul Aiton, Alrix Da Costa, Thibault Margalet and Iain Thornley. With Danny Craven from Widnes as number 5.


  • Number of missed tackles contained 3 Warrington Wolves Players. Kevin Brown, Daryl Clark and Jack Hughes. Danny McGuire for Hull KR missed 6 Tackles in total. Greg Bird also appeared in the top 5.
  • Matty Russell was top of the number of errors made. Followed by Brayden Williame, Greg Bird, Ryan Shaw and Rhys Hanbury.
  • Finally the number of penalties against a player. Chris Houston and Jason Baiteri. Followed by Ben Murdoch-Masila, Liam Salter and Vincent Duport.

If you want to see what the top 5 or 10 was in your team for a specific round or in total. Then use the link from the picture to find out.

Penalty Analysis

This looks at the total number of penalties against a team and which referees gave the most penalties.

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Warrington top the board with a total of 31 penalties against them. The number of penalties between home and away teams will become more interesting when we have played more games.

Phil Bentham also tops the board by awarding a total of 51 penalties in the 3 games he has refereed.
(bearing in mind Warrington, Catalan, Widnes and Hull KR have all played an extra game)

You can also use the link to penalty analysis to check out your teams top 10 players and which referee has given the most penalties against that team.

And when you click the referee it shows their top 10 players who they gave the most penalties against.

Have a look at the links and find your top and bottom players and the number of penalties against your team.

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