Stat Attack: Leeds top the missed tackles count

Weekly League Table

A few catch up games were played during the international break last weekend. Which saw only Castleford change position to third which pushed Warrington to 4th.

This week after round 19 there are some changes.

St. Helens and Wigan stay 1st and 2nd. Warrington move back to 3rd, meaning Castleford drop back to 4th. Hull FC and Wakefield remain 5th and 6th.

Catalan jump from 9th to 7th after their win against Castleford, which pushes Leeds to 8th and Huddersfield to 9th.

Salford, Hull KR and Widnes remain 10th, 11th and 12th.

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Player Analysis


  • Regan Grace (St. Helens) ran over 200 meters. Closely followed by Tom Davies (Wigan) with 195 metres.
  • Three Huddersfield players made the top 5 for number of tackles. Aaron Murphy, Adam O’Brien and Mike Lawrence all made 46 tackles each.
  • David Fifita (Wakefield) and Mitch Brown (Warrington) both made 22 carries each.
  • Regan Grace (St. Helens) top again for average metres gained with 14.64.

In Total

– Ryan Hall (Leeds) has ran over 2500 metres
– Daryl Clark (Warrington) has made nearly 750 tackles
– Luke Thompson (St. Helens) has made over 300 carries
– Daryl Clark (Warrington) has the highest average gain with 9.74


  • Two Castleford and three Leeds players make the top 5 for most number of missed tackles. Paul McShane and Grant Millington (Castleford), Matt Parcell, Brett Ferres and Liam Sutcliffe (Leeds) all missed more than 5 tackles each.
  • Bryson Goodwin (Warrington), Danny Tickle (Hull KR), Mitch Brown (Warrington) and Patrick Ah Van (Widnes) all made 4 errors each.
  • Three Huddersfield players made the top 5 for number of penalties. Kruise Leeming, Leroy Cudjoe and Aaron Murphy all with 2 or more penalties.

In Total-
– Dominique Peyroux (St. Helens) and Jacob Miller (Wakefield) have missed over 60 tackles each.
– Jake Bibby (Salford) has made 30 errors.
– Chris Houston (Widnes) and James Greenwood (Hull KR) have given away 19 penalties each.

Team Analysis


As a team in round 19

  • Wigan and Warrington make over 1500 metres each.
  • Hudderfield make over 400 tackles
  • Hull KR and Wigan did over 200 carries each.
  • Hull FC had the highest average gain of 7.71

– St. Helens, Warrington and Wigan have ran over 25000 metres each so far.
– Salford, Huddersfield and Leeds have made over 6600 tackles each.
– St. Helens and Wigan have made over 3500 carries each
– Warrington have the highest average gain with 7.57


As a team in round 19
– Leeds, Widnes, Salford and St. Helens missed over 40 tackles each.
– Warrington had the most number of errors (16)
– Huddersfield conceded the most number of penalties.

– Leeds have missed almost 650 tackles, and have made almost 250 errors.
– Catalan have conceded the most number of penalties

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Penalty Analysis

– Huddersfield gave away the most penalties with 10.
– Hull FC, Warrington and Wigan only gave away 3 penalties each
– Away teams gave away more penalties than home teams
– Robert Hicks and Scott Mikalauskas gave away more than 15 penalties each.

– Hull FC have given away the least amount of penalties with 125.
– Away teams have given away over 150 MORE than the home teams.
– James Child and Ben Thaler have given away more than 300 penalties each.

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