Stat Attack: Giving away less penalties doesn’t lead to victory

Lorna Eden

Our weekly crunch of the stats in Super League, including how Widnes and Leeds conceded the least penalties but went on to lose.

Weekly League Table

Top 3 remain unchanged (St. Helens, Wigan and Warrington). The battle for 4th, 5th and 6th place continues between Hull FC (Up to 4th), Castleford (Down to 5th) and Leeds (Down to 6th). 7th and 8th also remain unchanged (Wakefield and Salford). The bottom 4 are very close, Huddersfield move up to 9th, which pushes Widnes to 10th, Hull KR to 11th and Catalan back to bottom of the league.

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Penalty Analysis

Penalty count ranges from a minimum of 4 (Leeds and Widnes) to 11 (Hull KR) penalties given away.

James Child gave away a total of 18 penalties, whereas Ben Thaler only gave away 11.

In total, Away teams have given away almost 100 more penalties compared to Home teams. 3 referees have given over 200 penalties each in 13 games. Huddersfield have given away the most penalties (129) and Castleford the least (94).

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Player Analysis


  • Tom Davies (Wigan) made over 200 metres.
  • Danny Houghton (Hull FC) and Logan Tomkins (Salford) made over 50 tackles each
  • John Bateman (Wigan) and Zeb Tala (St. Helens) did 22 carries each.
  • Ben Jones-Bishop (Wakefield) and Kieren Moss (Hull KR) had an Average gain of 19.00

In Total: St.Helens and Warrington have made over 19000 metres and over 2400 carries. Salford have made close to 5000 tackles. Warrington still top for Average Gain.


  • 3 players missed 6 tackles each, Adam Milner and Mike McMeeken (Castleford), and Vincent Duport (Catalan)
  • Alex Foster (Castleford) made 4 errors.
  • Greg Bird (Catalan) gave away 3 penalties.

In Total- Catalan have missed 460 tackles and St. Helens have made 170 errors.

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