Stankevitch bemoans Hornets injury woe

The Rochdale Hornets injury problems continued on Sunday after hooker Craig Tunstead suffered a potential broken leg.

It made the 36-34 defeat at York even harder to swallow as Tunstead’s injury meant that the Hornets lost a man in the first half for the seventh game on the spin.

Head coach John Stankevitch was disappointed with the performance as well as the injury crisis his team now seem to be suffering.

He told the club’s official website: “I was very disappointed in the way we started the game. Our warm up was excellent, but we failed to take that into the first half of the game with a very poor completion rate and some very questionable defence at times.

“I feel that we have plenty of petrol left in the tank and we have plenty of improving to do in all departments, and hopefully, if we can have some luck with injuries whilst continuing to work within our current parameters, then we can be satisfied with our progress.”

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