St Helens the best ever Super League side? That’s debatable

Kristian Woolf and James Roby St Helens WCC SWpix
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Wigan great Pat Richards has shrugged off claims that St Helens’ history makers are the best side ever, and has backed the Warriors to end their rivals’ dynasty.

Kristian Woolf’s side won a stunning fourth Grand Final in a row as they outclassed Leeds at Old Trafford last weekend, with Woolf saying any debate about the best ever Super League side could now be put to bed.

Richards won Grand Finals with Wigan in his Man of Steel season of 2010 and again in 2013, and admits it has been tough to watch Saints’ recent dominance.

“I find it hard to give them the wraps they deserve but I will!,” he said in this week’s Love Rugby League Podcast.

“They won four in a row which is an amazing achievement in this era. Incredible what they did. But are they the greatest side? That’s debatable.

“There have been some outstanding sides in the Super League era. The Leeds sides, Bradford sides, some of the Wigan teams. But they have won four in a row that no one else has done so it’s hard to complain with that one. Hopefully Wigan can stop that next year and get one back on them.”

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Pat Richards backs Wigan to end St Helens dominance

Richards believes Challenge Cup Winners Wigan remains the sport’s great entertainers, with the current star men emulating icons of years gone by.

He said: “The way Wigan were playing this year with Jai Field and Bevan French, the fans love that style of play dating back to Martin Offiah, Jason Robinson and Billy Boston where they can score from anywhere.

“They have always had exciting players in their sides. They are the side to shake things up with St Helens, it’s going to be hard to get five in a row but they’ll have a crack.

“French is an out and out try scorer. Some guys just have knack for it. Like Offiah, he used to sniff a try out, Bevan has the same knack, right place, right time.”

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  1. Who is Pat Richards anyway , he’s crawled from under his stone in recent weeks. What is he going to say next ? Wigan were the greatest when they were winning everything ( full time ) when everyone else were part time . Wind your neck in Richards ( Bradford fan BTW ) It takes some doing to do what Saints have done continously for the last 4 years.

    • Got to agree with ya. Another has been dropping his two penneth in.
      Why Wigan? Why can’t it be Salford or Huddersfield or Hull KR that topple saints?
      They say that every dog will have its day. Who knows which team is next.
      Bradford were winning everything at once point. Look where they are now. Leeds have been having their struggles but pulled it out the bag this year.
      Saints and Wigan may have the wind behind em at the mo (and maybe a big hand along from disciplinarians etc), but all that can change. Others can do what you’ve done in the past, it will come again.

  2. so typical of an ex wigginer to only grudgingly give saints the respect they deserve,stop harping on about ancient history no other side will win four in a row in my lifetime, saints are the greatest team in sl history.

  3. I’m a saints fan,to win 4 in a row is incredible and I’m chuffed to bits. So for me to say in my 40s having watched the whole super League saints are the greatest but only by a matchsticks width from burrow,McGuire,sinf,hall et al.that team had it all too but had a little more xfactor than this recent saints supersede.

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