St Helens respond to Lee speculation

St Helens coach Keiron Cunningham says his club has not signed Salford hooker Tommy Lee.

St Helens have been linked to the Red Devils captain.

But Cunningham denies a deal has been done.

“Yeah apparently amongst many other players as well, we’ve signed Luke Lewis, Tommy Lee, there’s a few if they all come off well be a great side next year!,” Cunningham joked.

“Tommy’s a great player. He’s the captain of salford. He’s a real leader, he’s a very good player.

“We haven’t done any business yet, no business whatsoever so I’m not sure who’s telling people were signing players but i wish they’d tell the players to come and sign for us.

“We are in the market and we’re working hard in the market and we’re looking to be better next year.

“Once we make tour signings we will announce them as a club, so don’t believe everything you read in the press.”

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