to sponsor SRL Regional Championships

New social networking website, the network for all involved in sport, is making significant strides in the Rugby League community.

Built on a framework of personal profiles, with individuals meeting and sharing information, the website is filling the gap in the social networking community, much as Linkedin has found a niche in the business community. The overall aim is to help individuals create and find sporting opportunities that they wouldn’t have found before.

With thousands pupils and students starting at new schools, colleges and universities this past year, the site has become an increasingly popular way for students to maintain their current sporting contacts as well as make new ones.

Building on the recent partnership with the soon to be Championship 1 side Coventry Bears Rugby League and their endorsement by SRL(Student Rugby League), Sportesk have now become the official sponsor of the Student Regional Championships, which acts as a selection process for the England Colleges and England Students sides.

The tournament brings together 250 of the most talented young Rugby League players in England. It will take place on March 23rd at Nottingham Trent university and will consist on representative college and university sides from Cumbria, Midlands, North East, North West, South East, South West and Yorkshire.

“Sponsoring the tournament was always an aim of ours. Introducing Sportesk to this audience will inevitably attract the interest of more professional coaches and scouts, as well as college and university coaches. This in turn will open up more opportunities for everybody, at every level not just for students and that is what we want.” said Sportesk founder James Chapman

Gareth Widdop, ambassador for Sportesk said: “The whole Regional Championship process will showcase exactly what sportesk is about. Not only will the players selected for the England sides get chances to progress their careers, but all the players involved at the trials will too and that’s what sportesk is about.”

To encourage players, coaches and many more to sign up and get involved, Sportesk have a fantastic prize give away which launched on the 18th February. Rugby teams and clubs will have the opportunity to win £1000 worth of kit vouchers from O’neills Sportswear. To find out more visit the Facebook page at or alternatively head to for more information.

Sportesk can be found at where the visitor can quickly and easily register their details, before starting to build a profile.

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