Spain call up France coach as player

Spain have named a 40-man train-on squad for their forthcoming World Cup qualfying games against Ireland and Russia.

The group includes Hull FC youngster Joel Laynez, as well as France coach Aurelien Cologni, Jordan Boudebza, the brother of Hull KR hooker John, and Juan Guasch, son of Bernard Guasch, the Catalans Dragons owner.

Six domestic clubs are represented in coach Darren Fisher’s squad.

Daniel Garcia, Spain’s international Player of the Year and Players’ Player, believes that this campaign is an important milestone for the sport in Spain.

“So far I’ve had an incredible experience playing for my country and the journey is far from over,” he said.

“It’s a very exciting time for rugby league in Spain with people mentioning the World Cup and the opportunity we have to be on the world stage.

“The qualifiers will be a massive test for us and the world is looking to see what we can do, it’s up to us to put on a good show.”

Spain’s Young Player or the Year, Irreductibles’ Ivan Ordaz, feels pride at being picked to play for Spain.

“Being involved in the World Cup will make us proud and show all of the hard work has paid off over the past few years,” he said.

“It will be difficult but we will make it happen. We need to believe, play with passion and enjoy the opportunity to test ourselves with some of the best.”


Chris Lopez (Army Rugby League), Antonio Puerta, Daniel Moreno, Hugo Fernandez, Isaac Pulgar, Pedro Andujar (Custodians Madrid), Richie Perrello, Ivan Ordaz (Irreductibles), Joel Laynez (Hull FC), Aurelien Cologni, Benjamin Tort, Jordan Boudebza (Lezignan Xlll), Clement Laguerre (Los Gossos), Matias Hubert-Garcia (Nantes XV), Alex Doutres, Cedric Bringuier, Leandre Torres, Nicolas Munoz (Palau Xlll), Kevin Aparicio (Paris XV), Matt Dulley (Paterna Dragons), Miguel Charters-Blanco (Seaton Rangers), Juan Guasch, Mathieu Griffi, Pierre Negre (St Esteve), Gonzalo Morro (Tonneins), Aitor Davila, Aitor Romero, Daniel Morales, Juan Pablo Rango, Raul Simo, Ruben Romero, Vicent Cubes (Torrent Tigres), Remy Bueno (Toulouse Broncos), Adria Alonso, Andrew Pilkington, Antonio Tolmos, Hadriel Mehamed, Luis Thorp (Valencia Warriors), Laurent Carrasco (Villeneuve Xlll), Daniel Garcia (Woolston Rovers)

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