Spain and Serbia ready to clash

Spain and Serbia have announced their respective squads ahead of their clash in Valencia on Saturday.

Both countries are using the game as preparation for their forthcoming World Cup qualifiers.

Spain head coach Darren Fisher feels that the players selected for the game will gain valuable and much needed experience.

“The players selected have been a credit in terms of attitude and commitment,” he said.

“We have 10 missing from our recent games and its fantastic 10 more get the opportunity to represent their country.

“We have some on debut, some returning to the squad and a couple of new faces among us. This match is a fantastic opportunity to encourage and support our philosophy of domestic players representing their nation.

“Preparations have been at their highest as we prepare for the World Cup Qualifiers.

“Serbia will be one of our toughest and most physical opponents yet and our players are excited by moving up to this level of rugby league.”

NRL Rookie star David Andjelic has been named in the Serbia side, along with Jason Muranka of Dewsbury Rams.

“David gives us energy and Chad experience,” said Serbia coach Ljubomir Bukvic.

“Spain is a good test, the result won’t be our focus, we are rather looking at the way we play and our level of conditioning.”


Antonio Puerta, Daniel Moreno, Pedro Andujar (Custodians Madrid) Richie Perrello (Irreductibles) Clement Laguire (Los Gossos) Matias Humbert-Garcia (Stade Nantais) Matt Dulley (Paterna Dragons) Gonzalo Morro (Tonniens) Aitor Romero, Daniel Morales, Juan Pablo Rango, Raul Simo, Ruben Romero, Vicent Cubes (Torrent Tigres) Remy Bueno (Toulouse Broncos) Adria Alonso, Andrew Pilkington, Luis Thorp, Hugo Fernandez (Valencia Warriors) Daniel Garcia (Woolston Rovers)


Milos Zogovic, Milos Calic, Miodrag Tomic, Vojislav Dedic, Vladislav Dedic (all Red Star), Relja Petrovic, Dalibor Samardzic, Stefan Nedeljkovis, Stevan Stevanovic, Aleksa Radic, Dalibor Vukanovic, captain (all Dorcol) Vlado Kusic, Dzavid Jasari, Pero Madzarevic (all Partizan), Dorde Stosic (Soko Vranje), Chad Grant (St. Clair Comets), David Andelic (Blacktown Workers), Jason Muranka (Dewsbury Rams).

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