Soward backs Segeyaro

Jamie Soward has thrown his support behind James Segeyaro‘s bid to leave Leeds.

Segeyaro wants to stay in Australia despite being contracted to the Rhinos because of homesickness.

Soward has backed his former Penrith teammate on Twitter.

“My heart goes out to @chicko9 and the situation,” he tweeted.

“Family is important to my bra, he is trying to come back would hate to see that stopped.

“I can hear everyone’s point about contract being signed. The kid has been honest and misses home. Would rather him tell truth and come home.

“If a player tells the truth and wants to come home why can’t we accept it? Family means a lot to him and he misses home. Least his honest.

“[A] club can make a decision at any time to help move a player on. The player has expressed how much he misses home.

“Didn’t play up or get in trouble just simply misses his family and wants to come back home. We are angry at a guy wanting to come home. #really

“Again respect all opinions but I mean be real. He has said he misses home, he misses his family. You all would do the same thing.

“It’s not always about the money or lining the pockets. Family means everything to this kid and is missing them. He wants to be at home.

“We will all have to wait and see. I hope I am watching [him] play his best footy next year. He is so good can’t wait to watch him play again.”

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