Solly confirms Super League marquee player vote

Super League general manager Blake Solly has confirmed that clubs will be voting in June on the proposed ‘marquee player’ exemptions to the salary cap.

The move is mooted as a way of better being able to compete with rugby union and the NRL when it comes to retaining top players.

Each club would be allowed to nominate one player as not counting towards their cap, which would allow clubs to pay stars bigger wages.

The vote is set to take place in June, with reports indicating that it is likely to be passed, especially as seven out of the 12 clubs need to be in favour.

“I can’t predict which way it’s going to go, but when it comes to the table it’ll be the most developed proposal we’ve ever seen,” said Solly, according to The Guardian.

“The benefit of the rule coming in is that it gives clubs a chance and an opportunity to compete for the very best talent.

“Whether that talent is signed by clubs will be up to them, but at least they’re not hamstrung by any salary cap regulations and it gives them an opportunity to compete.”

Solly is also pleased at the way the new structures in rugby league’s domestic competitions are working out.

“The competition is so strong and healthy,” he added.

“Clubs are working hard to drag in new fans, crowds are up and television audiences are strong. We’ve got good stories across the game, and Leigh beating Salford in the Challenge Cup made everyone sit up and realise how exciting the latter part of the season will be.

“We’re at an optimum level of teams now; the reduction from 14 last year has had a big help in the strength of the competition.

“Add to that the increases in central distribution and television monies for the clubs, and you have a much healthier Super League.

“With the fear of promotion and relegation back, teams are unable to take their foot of the gas. This structure is so cut-throat that teams have to be at their best every week – which makes for great entertainment.”

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