Smith wary of dangerous Giants

Warrington coach Tony Smith expects Huddersfield to be fired up tomorrow after copping criticism from their new coach Rick Stone.

Huddersfield travel to the Halliwell Jonest Stadium tomorrow to face Warrington.

Smith has described the fixture as a dangerous game for his team.

“I’ve met Rick a couple of times, I don’t know him particularly well but he’s given them a fair old serve in the press this week,” he said.

“He’s been critical of some aspects of theur game and the game here in some respects, it;s interesting and it’ll be interesting to see the response and what style they come out with this week and in the future.

“I think it’ll be a case of wait and see and we;ve got to be prepared for a team thats going to try and get a response or give a response to their coach who’s been on there tails this week,

“It’s going to make for a dangerous game for us.”

Smith said he wants to keep Warrington’s momentum going.

“We’re not far off that, we’re only one point off the top two teams at the moment and if we were in a probably different position you might approach it differently.

“But we’re close and we want to finish as high up the table as we can and we want to keep momentum going and we want to feel good about our confidence as well.

“We’re heading in the right sort of direction in terms of style of play, we made some inroads there.

“We’re still working on some stuff and theres things that need to be improved and hopefully we can do that on saturday, but we’re looking to build momentum into the cup as well.”

Warrington will meet Wakefield in the Challenge Cup semi-final next weekend.



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