Smith waiting for Westwood decision

Warrington boss Tony Smith says he is still waiting for Ben Westwood to decide if he is playing on next season.

Westwood, 36, made his 400th appearance for the club in the 52-24 win over Catalans at the weekend.

Smith said: “We’re not sure what he’s doing. He hasn’t made a decision yet, so we’ll discuss it at the appropriate time.

“He’s getting to the stage where he needs to assess how he’s feeling, which is reasonable too.

“He takes care of himself a lot better nowadays than he did back then, which is often the case with many young people as they get close to the end.

“We’ll see how he goes, but based on what he did out there and what he’s done the back end of this year, I think he should consider it (playing on) but it’s a personal thing really.”

Westwood has made 13 appearances for the Wolves this season.

He made his debut for the club back in 2002 having joined from Wakefield.

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