Smith thrilled to reach decider

Warrington coach Tony Smith says he is delighted for his players to have carved out a spot in the grand final next Saturday.

Warrington are going to Old Trafford courtesy of an 18-10 victory over St Helens.

“The effort was enormous, I thought by both teams,” Smith told Sky.

“I thought Saints defence tonight was enormous. But our guys were really determined.

“Saints made it really tough for us.”

The match was marred by two controversial refereeing decisions but Smith wouldn’t be drawn on that.

“Some times you get them and some times you don’t. We’re not bothered by that,” he said.

“You’ve got to be good enough to overcome them when they go against you.

“We’re trying to be good enought to overcome anything that comes up against us.

“I’m delighted for the boys. The big prize is still up there to be grabbed, hopefully by us.”

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