Smith slams Super League

Former Wakefield coach Brian Smith says the gap between Super League and the NRL remains vast despite English wins in the World Club Series.

Warrington and Wigan knocked off Brisbane and Cronulla respectively this year.

But writing on Facebook, Smith said Super League teams would struggle to compete in the NRL week-in-week-out.

“Having watched Sharks and Broncs do their best for a preseason match 10000 miles from home in winter conditions but get dusted by 2 Super League clubs playing really well, I felt no surprise,” the veteran coach said.

“But to then listen to the usual dribblers over there spruiking about just how great SL is and how their teams could compete here no problem gave me sore ribs – laughing !

“Until changes at the top are made (and they won’t be) they can expect the same lopsided 40 point losses for the bottom teams and a second rate competition.”


  1. Funny, so who are these teams in SL playing ‘really well’?

    Certainly not Warrington, they’re bottom after three games but still destroyed Brisbane.

    Also they’re -26, so not sure what Smith is talking about with massive scores. There were plenty in the NRL last season by the way.

    Maybe he’s still sour about leaving Wakefield saying they’re no hopers, and someone else coming in and making the eight with them?

  2. Its ok for him to say that but the proof is in actual facts, we can respect his coaching ability, however virtually every player from SL who has gone to the NRL in recent years has been a big hit not many have flopped even Sam Tompkins, playing in a poor Warriors side did well until injured, Its a fallacy they are years ahead, yes its more competetive down the ladder than SL but the facts are our players can match theirs at the top level despite our handicaps of poor weather, less numbers, lower profile sport etc, we are closer than for many years Internationally so its not quite as bad as he reports. I respect the bloke as well but he is after all a biased Aussie.

    • I am a biased Pom here in oz. There are far more NZ and islander (Samoa, PNG etc) players in the NRL and probably as many Fijians as GB players. I don’t think that any SL team would be any more successful week in week out in the NRL than an A league football team in the championship. They would be down the bottom of the table.

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