Smith: Resilience key during this difficult period

Warrington head coach Tony Smith spoke about a need to stay resolute during challenging times.

The Wolves lost their fourth straight Super League match with a 38-16 defeat against the Warriors at the Haliwell Jones Stadium on Thursday.

“We all know what losing’s about and we’ve all experienced it,” he said.

“It is about how you handle it, learn from it and toughen up about it.

“We’ll look back at this little period and it’ll have done us great but it’s horrible at the time while you’re in it.”

Wigan first-half’s performance earned them the victory, according to Smith.

“I think a lot of the damage was done in­­­ that first half,” he added.

“Just some of the errors that we came up with and some of the penalties we gave away.”

Smith admitted his side looked a little depleted in the forward area of the pitch.

“I think that’s where Wigan had the advantage over us tonight,” he said.

“I though their forwards probably outdid our forwards and throughout the match I thought their bench was pretty solid for them too.

“We’ll have to see about Dom [Crosby] but I’d like to think we could get a few bigger players back into our pack.”

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