Smith considering old ties regarding Bulls recruitment

New Bradford Bulls head coach Rohan Smith has said that he is considering bringing players to the club that he has previously coached in other jobs.

The new head coach is currently assessing the state of the Bradford squad before considering all options in terms of who he brings to Odsal with him in the near future. 

The 35 year-old has said it is only natural to lean towards players they trust from the past, but it is a case of assessing the squad and working from there.

“I think most coaches when they move to different clubs, whether it’s straight away or down the track, tend to gravitate towards players they know and trust from previous experiences,” Smith told the Telegraph and Argus.

“I’ve worked at Newcastle, Penrith, Sydney Roosters, the Warriors and the Titans, so there are definitely a lot of players who I’ve had strong relationships with and maintained since I’ve moved clubs. 

“It’s not as simple as just bringing over the guys you like because there are restrictions on things like qualifying criteria and budgets. Every team has its needs in different areas too – but I have no doubt that down the track there will be players who I’ve coached who will be interested in coming to Bradford and I’ll be interested in bringing them over.”

Smith has also admitted to wanting to speak to his uncle and Warrington Wolves head coach Tony Smith at some point regarding potential recruits.

“I’ll definitely be speaking to Tony and I’ve had some contact with Richard Agar over the last couple of years, giving him some information on players have been looking to recruit from the NRL,” he said. 

“What goes around comes around with that sort of stuff and I’ll definitely be connecting with people I know over in the UK. I’ll also be getting out to games to check out the competition and trying to learn as much about the Super League and Championship as I can and as quickly as I can.”

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