Smith clears up Elite Squad confusion

Tony Smith has cleared confusion over the announcement of a 17-man Elite Squad, after several outlets of the media questioned his decision to exclude several key players and also the failure to include a full-back.

Smith told Sky Sports: “There is a little confusion there.

“Some pundits in the rugby league world were a little confused there wasn’t a full-back in the squad, but there didn’t need to be. It is more about some elite for now and the future.

“We had to predict who we think may well go on to be an elite player in the future.

Smith included several youngsters including Salford’s teenage prodigy Richie Myler, while Michael Shenton, Ryan Atkins, Tom Briscoe and Joe Westerman were also given places. 

“We are taking care of now but there is also some taking care of the 2013 World Cup.

“The elite squad doesn’t give you any rights to make any particular team. You still have to deliver on form and what you are doing on a weekly basis.

“This Test coming up against France, there will be some old faces and I hope some new faces as well.”

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