Smith calls for Wildcats to cut out errors

Wakefield coach Brian Smith believes that his side has the potential to improve dramatically this season, if they can cut out basic mistakes.

The Wildcats were beaten 24-16 at home by Widnes in their opening Super League game of 2016 on Sunday.

“There’s some obvious disappointments in the game,” the Trinity coach told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“But I think the pluses probably outweigh the minuses, for today at least.

“I wouldn’t like to be saying that in six or eight or 10 weeks’ time, but some of the stuff we need to fix out of today’s game is stuff we can fix.

“I think the other stuff I am most pleased about is the way we went about playing a strong, physical game against a very strong, physical team.

“Our boys did a pretty good job at that for most of the game, but the errors and some first-half penalties in particular really hurt us.”

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