Smith calls for quick Bradford resolution

Bradford coach Rohan Smith would like to see a speedy resolution to the current situation at the club.

A meeting with the RFL was adjourned on Tuesday with a deal for the the club’s purchase still hanging in the balance.

Adminstrator Gary Pettit has confirmed that the involved parties are considering a couple of issues, which means that the delay the players and staff are facing has continued.

But the uncertainty is beginning to prey on the minds of players and staff, with the possibility of the club being liquidated still hanging in the air.

“I would imagine it would need to get done this week with the wages being imminent. But nothing has been guaranteed with that,” Smith told the Bradford Telegraph & Argus.

“One pay isn’t going to make or break my life. I’m not focused on the wages. But everyone is going to be different in that situation.

“There just needs to be a resolution for the staff, the players and also for the fans.

“I think Gary and Howard (Roberts, solicitor for the administrators) are looking to get things resolved as quickly as they can while going through the due diligence to make sure the decision is the right one.

“It’s not about the money. It’s just a case of sticking it out and hoping that something good will come out of all this so we can crack on with the job.”

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