SL moments: Jordan Tansey’s “try”

The inaugural Millennium Magic weekend in Cardiff had so far paled into insignificance until the final minute of the final match.

The last game of the 2007 weekend between Leeds and Bradford turned into a thrilling contest between two strong sides. 

Michael Platt got the first points of the game from Bradford before Jamie Jones-Buchanan replied for Leeds.

Danny McGuire’s offload to Brent Webb sent the New Zealander under the posts, before Platt crossed for his second.

James Evans set up Lesley Vainikolo with a one handed off load. However Keith Senior put his name on the score sheet late in the first half, before Bradford clawed another try back just before the half time break through Ian Henderson.

Webb completed his hat trick in the second half scoring two tries either side of a sin binning for persistent back chat to referee Steve Ganson.

Andy Lynch and Ben Harris scored for the Bulls as Rob Burrow replied for the Rhinos. 

Bradford, leading by two going into the final minute, looked to have wrapped the game up after Matt Cook dived on a loose ball that had come free from a Leeds attack. 

However Ganson, under instruction from video referee Ashley Klein, awarded a penalty to Leeds deeming Iestyn Harris had played at the ball before Cook gained control of it from an offside position. 

Replays showed the ball came free and bobbled off Gareth Ellis’ boot, not making contact with Harris at all. 

However Leeds had the penalty and the game would be decided on Kevin Sinfield’s right boot as he aimed for the posts. 

Sinfield missed the attempt on goal, but Jordan Tansey was in the right position at the right time to collect the ball, which had rebounded off the posts, and dive over the try line and steal the game from Bradford. 

However Steve Ganson did not refer the decision to the video referee. Had he done so, the officials would have noticed that Tansey was significantly offside from Sinfield’s kick and the try would have been disallowed. 

Harris left the field furious, and after all the pandemonium that led up to the controversial try Leeds would top the table after the Magic Weekend. 

Bradford issued a statement in the week following the match asking Leeds to hand over the two points, which the Rhinos declined. 

Bradford coach Steve McNamara later met with Stuart Cummings, Ganson and Klein to discuss the events of the match, after which no further action was taken.

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