SL moments: Andy Farrell’s broken nose

The image of Andy Farrell leaving the field during his side’s 26-22 win over Leeds is embedded into the consciousness of every viewer who watched the match on TV.

It was in the 31st minute of the game when Farrell collided with his fellow team mate Danny Sculthorpe in a tackle. 

Farrell groggily walked off the field, and it looked likely he would remain off the field for the rest of the game with the scores tied at 12-apiece.

But the Great Britain captain, making his 400th club and representative appearance, wasn’t about to let his side down due to his absence.

He reappeared after half time, only to suffer a high tackle from Matt Diskin which Farrell obviously took offense to.

He left the field for a second time, but returned in the 58th minute after having his nose heavily strapped up.

The brown strapping covered Farrell’s face fro ear-to-ear, and despite the inability to breathe through the nose, managed to play the remainder of the game.

Looking like a reject from a Phantom of the Opera West-End play, Farrell went onto guide Wigan to a famous win by kicking a total of four crucial goals. 

Kris Radlinski and Terry Newton had earlier scored two tries before Farrell’s injury, but Gareth Hock and Sean O’Loughlin would later cross for the Warriors in a tense game. 

Marcus Bai, Ali Lauitiiti and Jamie Jones-Buchanan replied for the visitors, as Sinfield kicked five goals overall.

But the scene was set for Farrell to absorb the applause after showing raw courage and bravery to return and continue playing in a very important game for both sides. 

Leeds conceded a goal line drop out in the final minute, which Sinfield kicked dead on the full. Farrell took his time lining up the resulting penalty in front of the posts to seal the game. 

After the game Farrell went straight to hospital, but his coach Denis Betts praised his efforts throughout the post-match press conference.

Betts said: “He took a hell of a bang but played on adrenalin and determination.

“He wants to win and every week he puts himself in position to be the best player on the field.”

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