Six Tackles: Best Super League Loose Forwards of 2017

Here at Love Rugby League, we have selected the six best loose forwards in the Betfred Super League in 2017.


The 34-year-old had yet another great season for Wigan Warriors. He has been a great servant to both Wigan and Super League over the years and even made his 400th appearance midway through the season.

O’Loughlin has played 22 games in the league this year, scoring three tries. He makes a massive difference to Wigan when he is on the field and he made 582 tackles, 256 carries and seven assists in 2017.


Wakefield had one of their most impressive seasons to date and really contested for a spot in the semi-finals this year, despite being on lower budget compared to some of the teams around them which is brilliant to see.

Arona has been different class for Trinity this year. He made 330 caries and 850 tackles in 28 Super League games as well as busting 23 tackles and making 13 offloads. 


The 25-year-old was given a new role by Daryl Powell ahead of the 2017 season as he moved from his usual hooker role into the loose forward position and he has taken the transition outstandingly well.

Milner was one of the main reasons why the Tigers were so good last season and made a whopping 779 tackles in 25 games, busting 24 tackles and grabbing two assists.


The 36-year-old has cracked both Super League and the NRL in his career and sadly retired at the end of the 2017 season but what a season to go out on for the former Great Britain and England star.

Ellis won the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup with Hull in his last season and came close to reaching the Grand Final. He made 394 tackles in 15 league games as well as busting 18 tackles and taking 170 drives in.


The 21-year-old has had a real good breakthrough year at the Saints and since Justin Holbrook became head coach, Knowles has hit another level in his game.

Knowles is currently representing Wales in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup following a brilliant campaign as he played 28 Super League games, making 899 tackles as well as 195 carries and 16 tackle busts.


The 32-year-old is well known for his offloads and he terrorised opposition defences again with them this year as he topped the offload chart with 121 to his name in just 29 games, an impressive stat.

Cuthbertson also scored 13 tries which is good going for a forward as well as making 500 carries and 890 tackles, making 11 clean breaks and busting 57 tackles. Overall, he boasts some of the best stats out of every Betfred Super League player in the 2017 campaign.

Do you agree with our six selections? Or should someone else be in this list? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Apart from SOL’s assists & Arona’s carries, only Cuthbertson (a prop) comes anywhere close to Hinchcliffe’s stats this year. Ellis barely played!

  2. Shaun o Loughlin and Gareth Ellis both sick notes this year love Gaza’s Shaun is over the hill been poor all season should not be in England squad neither should fellow Wiganer George Williams and 4 warrington players feel for players like Matty ashiurst at my club Wakefield had his best season ever but got overlooked by the big name poor oerformers hence I have no interest in World Cup this year

  3. your right on the warrington players and Williams but your wrong on sol he had a good season for wigan and was missed towords the end for them and im the same no interest in the world cup players not being picked over so called big names brown and hill are a big waste of time don’t rate half the players that’s gone on tour and it seems if you play in auss your in

  4. Percival Shelton and mckeekan nowhere near the team and had fantastic seasons..not impressed and my team not in super league so I have no club bias

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