Sione Mata’utia receives three-match ban with four players suspended

Sione Mata'utia

Sione Mata’utia has been banned for three games following his red card during St Helens’ 25-0 win over Huddersfield. 

He was given his marching orders by referee Chris Kendall early doors for lifting Giants hooker Danny Levi as he lay injured on the ground.

Mata’utia had only successfully overturned a one-match ban earlier last week for a high tackle to keep his place in the team.

Meanwhile, team-mate Morgan Knowles has received a one-match ban for a Grade A late hit on a passer charge. In a separate incident, he was given a yellow card on 71 minutes at the Totally Wicked Stadium for his part in a melee.

The pair will miss Sunday’s trip to Wakefield while Mata’tuia will also miss games against Salford and Castleford.

Jack Welsby received a Grade A offence, but escapes a ban.

Elsewhere in Super League

Salford’s Sam Luckley has received a one-match ban for a Grade B intentional trip charge following their 32-6 win over Catalans at the AJ Bell Stadium.

Castleford’s Cheyse Blair has been banned for two matches following his strike on Josh Thewlis. He received a Grade C charge with his tackle on his Warrington opposition deemed reckless.

Sam Walters received a Grade high tackle charge but did not receive a ban. 

  • Jack Welsby (St Helens) – Grade A Late Hit on Passer – 0 Match Penalty Notice
  • Sione Mata’utia (St Helens) – Grade C Other Contrary Behaviour – Lifting injured player – 3 Match Penalty Notice
  • Morgan Knowles (St Helens) – Grade A Late Hit on Passer – 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Sam Luckley (Salford) – Grade B Intentional Trip – 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Sam Walters (Leeds) – Grade A High Tackle – Careless – ball carrier dips – 0 Match Penalty Notice
  • Cheyse Blair (Castleford) – Grade C Strikes with hand, arm or shoulder – reckless – 2 Match Penalty Notice

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  1. In a fair system when Joey was lifted whilst injured late in the second half there was no red card and no action taken. I take it the match review Parnell found nothing wrong with it when against saints.

  2. Well I’m surprised Tompkins didn’t get any warning at all for his shoulder charge on Taylor. I’m sat in the stand & from my angle & many others I should add. You could see Tompkins see Taylor making g a run off the Ball. Tompkins picks him out & deliberately Ran I to him leading with his Shoulder, he was determined to take Taylor out. I’m sorry to say though I’m not surprised by the verdict of the Board. Some player have been getting away with stuff for years. Where players from your so called major clubs get away with Tackles, players from clubs below your favourite let’s say top 4 get penalised for the same tackl. Tompkins
    questioned almost every ref decision that didn’t go the Catalan way.

  3. Can’t believe the leniency shown to St Helens by the Disciplinary process. 2 weeks ago Lees had a one match ban, overturned on appeal, likewise Matautia last week. We regularly read of additional games added to a ban when a player appeals the ban. This week Matautia gets three game ban for an offence where other players have been given much more severe penalties for the same offence. Welsby escapes a ban for his offence ( got to protect the superstar haven’t we ) and why wasn’t he sanctioned for throwing the ball into the face of Bevan French after scoring at Magic Weekend ?

  4. What – he pulled on his collar slightly not after a bad tackle or anything ! – player milking it clearly- compared to others come on grow up – this was after Lomax’s head was nearly taken off – no yellow !

  5. Im a Halifax fan and we had a player banned for 7 games for lifting an injured player. Please explain why for the same offence the saint Helens player gets a three game ban. The game is becoming ridiculous and a laughing stock open to corruption.

  6. To Allan Mcdonald when a player appeals the board decides whether or not the appeal is frivolous if it is an extra game is added for wasting their time if the player has a point they then decide was it reckless but being a pie eater you wouldn’t be able to understand that too many syllables a player dud a deliberate trip at weekend and got no ban lomax git his head took off deliberate foil nothing happened so that’s okay to you what player do you know who can lift a 12 stone man off the deck with 1 hand if the player didn’t lift himself up it can’t be done again too complicated for you

  7. For Super League read Sky Sports. They don’t want St. Helen’s or Wigan suffering any kind of setback. They decided at the beginning of season who was and wasn’t going to be in the playoffs and ultimately the final.
    Us normal plebs suffer weekly at either the referees hands or when they are proved to be unable to do job, the panel makes it right.
    In Hull KRs game this Sunday, there were several late hits, two deliberate trips and countless forward passes and nothing done. St Helen’s only know how to forward pass and never get pulled.
    But I suppose in their quest to make our game unrecognisable they’re doing a good job.

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