Sinfield wants bigger Super League salary cap

Leeds Rhinos star man Kevin Sinfield believes that the level of the salary cap in rugby league needs to be raised.

He also believes that a stronger players’ union will allow this to happen, and would be able to help negotiate bigger broadcasting deals to fund the increase.

“Our salary cap needs to be looked at and our broadcasting deal,” he told the Yorkshire Post.

“I don’t want to be too outspoken here but, although we agreed a record-breaking contract, I don’t think it’s enough when we look at who we’re competing against in this country – rugby union – and, wider afield, the NRL.

“When we go back to 1999 when we all started with the cap, ours was bigger than the other two yet look at where we are now.

“We’ve gone up 200 grand but rugby union’s is £5.5m from next season and the NRL’s is constantly increasing and double ours at the minute.

“But I think for our cap to be able to increase there has to be an increase in our broadcasting deal.

“We’re competing for each other’s players [with union and NRL], but, unless there is a change, people will continue to leave [league] and you can’t blame them.

“When you look at those other two competitions – the NRL and Aviva Premiership – both their salary caps have been agreed through a collective bargaining.

“Their players unions have negotiated each of those deals, but here we just get dictated to as players and I don’t think it’s fair or good enough.”

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