Sinfield: Code switch has been tough

Kevin Sinfield says his move from rugby league to rugby union has been a difficult but enjoyable one.

The Leeds Rhinos legend joined Yorkshire Carnegie at the end of 2015 after 19 years in Super League.

“It’s been very enjoyable actually,” Sinfield told Love Rugby League.

“I think I was always going to miss the game, I was always going to miss league. “When you’ve played something since the age of seven and to suddenly stop, it was always going to be a void for me there but it’s been nice to have the challenge of something completely different.

“I know the game’s played with a similar sized ball and on the same sized pitch but the game is very, very different.

“I was always going to miss league but I think because how welcoming the lads have been I’ve settled in pretty quickly and I’m enjoying the new challenges of it.”

Sinfield admitted the switch to the 15-man code has been tough, but he didn’t expect to be simple.

“If I’ve come across and said I’d found it easy I would have been a bit surprised,” he said.

“I suppose it’s my last challenge as a sportsmen so it has been everything I’d thought it would be.

“Going back to winter, especially in this country, it can be pretty gruesome at times with the pitches its played on.

“When you compare that to Super League and playing in top-level football grounds and some of the clubs that have great facilities, and then you’re playing in the summer, it’s far, far different.

“It’s been good fun and I’m so glad I did it just because I felt the need to take myself out of my comfort zone and try something different and completely new.

“It’s been an enjoyable part of my career but I’ll miss league for the rest of my life.”

Sinfield has a new book out called Kevin Sinfield – My League Years, which details his near two decades in rugby league.

The book follows his path from Oldham schoolboy into the one of the greats of the modern game, covering his time at Leeds and with England.

“I’ve been pestered a fair while to do a book and I suppose that’s the reason I didn’t do an autobiography,” Sinfield said.

“That’s what’s been mooted for some time. But the way this one was put to me was to be a celebration of my league career and a look back at whole career from setting out as a seven-year old.

“It’s been a really nice thing to do. It’s given me a chance to properly reflect and look back on some brilliant moments, some really tough moments as well.

“But to look back and enjoy my rugby career. It was really good to do. I’m looking forward to it coming to now.

Kevin Sinfield – My League Years is published by Great Northern Books and is available from all good bookshops and Kevin Sinfield says his move from rugby league to rugby union has been a difficult but enjoyable one.”>

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