Simplicity is a Magic secret for Agar and Wolves

Warrington assistant coach Richard Agar and the rest of Tony Smith’s staff and squad will not be preparing particularly differently for their Magic Weekend clash with St Helens on Sunday.

The game is the middle contest of the three Sunday clashes, and Agar believes that keeping things simple is the key to positive preparation at an event like the Magic Weekend.

“There’s some different logistical issues,” he told Love Rugby League.

“About travel and hotel stays and things like that. But with it being in Manchester and now Newcastle the travel’s not as much of a factor as the travel was to Scotland and Cardiff.

“So I think the sense of occasion, and the fact it’s at a neutral venue, and it’s a carnival weekend does give a special feeling around it.

“But I think that our preparation for finals is not too different to how it would be a for a Super League game anyway.

“The messages you give to your players are very simple and clear ones, and that will be the same this weekend.”

This is Agar’s first Magic Weekend with the Wolves, though he has, of course, coached Wakefield at previous events.

“It’s different,” he acknowledged.

“Wakefield, with the derby, had some great Magic Weekends and some tough ones as well.

“But Warrington against Saints is probably one of the highlights and big games of the weekend.

“So I’m very exicted, coming to this stadium there’s a lot of history around the stadium.

“Everybody knows the passion and the fervour in which the Newcastle people love their soccer and their sport in general.

“We all admit a mightily impressive stadium, and it should be a really good game.

“I think ticket sales have gone excellent, and with a last push, hopefully we’ll have some record crowds.”

The Wolves have some good young players like Gene Ormsby and Ben Currie who are beginning to shine in Super League.

Agar believes that the sense of occasion surrounding the event can help a player to experience what playing on the big stage is all about.

“I think that’s one of the great facets of the Magic Weekend,” he said.

“If you look at Super League over the last 10 years, the same sort of three or four clubs have dominated finals.

“So it is a different occasion to play in. For young players who haven’t had that opportunity yet [to plauy in finals] it is a bigger stage, to go and test their ability and nerves in a different environment.”

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