Simon Johnson appointed permanent chairman of RFL

Simon Johnson has been appointed chair of a reshaped Rugby Football League board on a permanent basis.

The RFL has welcomed the appointments of Dr Rimla Akhtar MBE and Sandy Lindsay MBE as non-executive directors.

The appointments follow an independent board evaluation commissioned in late 2018 which recommended an expansion of the RFL board to be fit for the future.

Independent executive search specialists were appointed to steer a rigorous process which has involved Super League, Championship, League 1 and the community, in addition to Sport England.

The appointments will be presented for ratification to December’s meeting of the Rugby League Council.

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  1. Good Evening,

    I am writing this email at a time of discontent and shear disgust!

    I am an avid fan of sport, from football, rugby and the rest a real sport junky if you like, I just so happen to be a gay man at the same and believe me you can be both!

    I look at you companies at the present time in shear disgust and sadness that you still choose to sponsor the BETFRED super league given the subject matter. I would of like to include the super league and also the current chair person, however, it is extremely hard to find an email address for the incumbent chairperson let alone the super league itself after looking for many hours.

    I appreciate that many people have different views, beliefs and who am I to call them out, however, what does concern me if I had been expressed my views of religion, gay people, race, anti Semitism etc I would not only be now very unemployable and judged and dealt with in a very very different way.

    The fact that the above is now re-employed in OUR super league is a massive slap in the face to the gay men, woman bi and trans people that love and watch the game its now a huge turn off for me. I cannot express how disheartening this is as a fan that this is happening and that the super league are very much in favour until the Hull chairman wanted this at the top of the agenda at the last meeting I for one completely support his decision that this is not only bad for the game that is diminishing in terms of revenue and our best players move away for a bigger pay day and all of the above that I have copied into this email are supporting this.

    Dacia, princess, Betfred – would you all allow this to happen within your organisations I don’t think you would and if any of your employees are found to be in breach of this it would be classed a gross misconduct and this is what you are promoting by allowing him to play within the league why do think he last contract was cancelled in Australia.

    I couldn’t care less if he is the amazing player the Salford coach thinks he is, and thinks its great for the game and getting more revenue in FACT this wont happen.

    Every sporting body from the FA, RFL, is promoting diversity and acceptance! rainbow laces day kick it out, it all just lip service for every minority that not only wants acceptance but very well deserves it we are all the same no matter our race, culture, colour, sexual orientation, religion, non religious WE ALL deserve the same respect.


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