Simmons pride at Saints role

New St Helens coach Royce Simmons has expressed his delight at being involved at one of the biggest teams in the world.

Simmons succeeds Mick Potter, who left the club at the end of the season and will coach rivals Bradford in Super League next term.

“I am very proud to be involved with St Helens,” he said. “They are one of the most famous clubs in the world with a great amount of tradition. I am proud to be named head coach.
“That said, I think Eamonn pulled a swifty by telling me the pound to the dollar was three to one and I’ve now worked out it isn’t… no, but seriously, I am very proud to be here at a team that has done so well.
“I know everyone in here is thinking you’ve run second for the last four years but from an outsider looking in, you have made five Grand Finals in a row and that says a lot about the traditions of the club.
“I haven’t come here so I can get back in to a top job in the NRL. I have come here to get involved in one of the greatest clubs in the history of the game.
“This season I know the fans will have to travel and I respect that. I’m asking them to travel to the games and to support us.”

One of Simmons’ main responsibilities will be naming a new club captain, to replace club legend Keiron Cunningham who retired after the Grand Final loss to Wigan.

“It doesn’t take brain surgery to realise it’s probably down to a couple of people but there are a few things we need to get done first and we need to wait for the rest of the players to come back.
“We’re also pretty settled with the squad now too. Anyone in the NRL or Super League would tell you they would probably want a little more depth in their squads but that is why we have the Salary Cap.
“Of course, I would like some more in some positions, but every club would like that too. The key is keeping your best squad of 23 or 24 players fit. That is the difference between running first or sixth.”

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